Glycol Calculator for GH Systems

Enter the number of EZ-37 panels in your system

Enter the total length of the pipe between your water heater and the panels (one way) in feet

Select the level of freeze protection needed in your area

-30 ºF
5 ºF
20 ºF

Total Amount of Glycol-Water Mix Needed. This is how much glycol solution your system will contain. You need at least this amount of solution, but should have a little more to be able to fill the system easily.


We ship glycol concentrate with our kits. To achieve the level of freeze protection you have selected above you have to dilute the concentrate with distilled or reverse osmosis water. The amounts of glycol concentrate and water you have to mix to get the total amount of solution needed are:


Quarts Glycol Concentrate


Quarts Distilled Water